Liner Designer


Liner.designer, beautyblender®’s newest eyeliner application tool, is a genius triple-edged eyeliner guide. It becomes your steady hand and symmetry expert when applying liner to your eyes. It’s now easy to achieve your favorite eyeliner styles with ease and makes applying liner effortless. Perfect for use with all eyeliners, pencils, pens, gel creams, liquid and powder.

liner.designer has a straight edge that is flexible and will stay in place when gently placed against the skin. Its chic compact has a 5X magnifying mirror and suction cup allowing the compact to be used at eye level – anywhere, anytime. It’s also a great no-mess shield when applying mascara!

What it does:

  • Makes eyeliner application a breeze by providing a straight edge and steady hand
  • This triangular guide assists in achieving symmetrically lined eyes with ease
  • The three different sides of liner.designer are devised to help create different angles and liner shapes

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