Detoxifying System Bi-Phase Bonding & Protecting Spray


Brighten your blonde tresses with Schwarzkopf Professional BlondMe All Blondes Detoxifying System - Bi-Phase Bonding & Protecting Spray, a radiance-boosting lightweight hair mist that will help to protect blonde hair from environmental damage.

Schwarzkopf BlondMe helps to shield your hair with a light protective mist that repels water minerals and external aggressors such as pollutants, sunlight and free-radicals - all known to cause brassy and yellow tones in blonde locks. Created with the BLONDME Detoxifying System, the spray has been formulated to strengthen the delicate structure of blonde hair, keeping it healthy, salon-fresh, and brighter for longer.

Designed with BLONDME’s integrated Bonding Technology, Schwarzkopf provides hair with the protection of a powerful blend of revitalising vitamin C, nourishing amino acids and malic acid, known for their defensive properties. In addition to this, purifying moringa seed extract works to close cuticles for added strength from everyday stresses on your tresses!

Why We Love It

Struggling to maintain your blonde radiance and fresh-feel? We love the Schwarzkopf Professional BlondMe Protecting Spray because it offers a salon quality treatment at home. It’s the quick and easy solution to keeping blonde locks looking their best with minimal effort and time. The protecting spray is the perfect last step to the ultimate premium hair care routine, so now you can enjoy long-lasting salon results day after day.

How To Use It

Apply the pray over your locks once a day just after you’ve washed, dried and styled.

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