Ultimate Tool Bundle

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Bye-bye puffy eyes, hello skin tools!

Series: Exfoliation
Benefits: Circulation Boost
Includes: Facial Brush, Dry Body Brush, Rose Quartz Facial Roller, Gua Sha + Silicone Mitt

The Body Dry Brush - Body dry brushing helps to exfoliate, tighten pores, reduce cellulite, and tone. Hello, summer-ready skin!

The Rose Quartz Face + Body Gua Sha Tool - Flush out toxins by breaking down hardness in facial muscles, helping to increase blood flow. Reduce puffiness and add energy with our one minute massage. Use along the neck and down the shoulders, your muscles will thank you later!

The Facial Roller - Improve circulation, reduce puffiness, relax muscle tension,  and promote a natural glow. Pro Tip! Keep it in the fridge for a cooling effect after a long summer day.

The Silicone Cleansing Mitt - Eco friendly and anti-bacterial, the Cleansing Mitt exfoliates and softens the skin, making it a helpful everyday tool for removing makeup and sunscreen.

The Facial Dry Brush - The perfect morning pick-me-up, stimulating lymphatic drainage, tightening pores, and toning.

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